Yoga 4 Teens: An Instructor’s Guide for Teaching Yoga To Teenagers

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Yoga 4 Teens: An Instructor’s Guide for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers is a complete resource and a “how to teach” book.  It thoroughly prepares readers for a yoga class teaching teens.

Categories of yoga poses are analyzed for their relevance and application to a teen audience.  Classroom management as well as the first four limbs of yoga (yama, niyama, asana, pranayama) are addressed in detail.

Co-authored by Christy Brock Miele andJennifer Lightsey, this book draws from the collective experience of two dedicated teen yoga teachers with over 35 years experience teaching teenagers yoga.  The book is written specifically for the teen yoga teacher's benefit, though yoga practitioners and teachers alike would benefit and enjoy it, too.

Detailed Description :

Yoga 4 Teens, An Instructor's Guide for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers, has become the leading resource for teaching teen yoga and is sold around the world.  This three-part, 250-page book lays out the principles and practicalities of teaching yoga to teens, with hundreds of pictures for reference.

Co-authored by Christy Brock Miele and Jennifer Lightsey, this book draws from the collective experience of two dedicated teen yoga teachers with over 35 years experience teaching teenagers yoga.

Yoga 4 Teens, An Instructor's Guide for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers is designed as a spiral-bound binder, easy for classroom reference. Hundreds of pictures of typical teens are included illustrating the poses, techniques, and sample classes.

( If you would like to know how this book, Yoga 4 Teens: An Instructor's Guide for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers,  differs from the YogaMinded eBooks on Teaching Yoga to Teenagers, read this blogpost.)

Part I discusses what it takes to lead a classroom of teenagers, including specifics for setting up a teen yoga class. Twelve teaching principles and fifteen teaching practicalities are fully explained, providing the reader with confidence and teaching skills.

Part II gives guidelines, body actions, and teaching ideas suitable for each of the major categories of yoga poses. Explicit guidelines for teaching the poses are given to ensure a safe classroom. Specific exercises for learning in the classroom are also detailed along with partner exercises that will make your classes interesting and engaging.

Part III lays out eight sample classes, including sequences for getting students into Handstand (Urdvha Mukha Vrksasana), Full Backbend (Urdvha Dhanurasana), and Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana) .

A bounty of additional information including quotes for the classroom, charts summarizing yoga philosophy in teen terms, and a summary of the benefits of yoga for teens are also included.

The organization and design of this book make it a must-have for anyone who teaches teens or is interested in teaching yoga to teenagers. It is a model for teaching effectiveness.

Your order will promote the important outreach effort of teaching yoga to the next generation! We greatly appreciate every order and referral.

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Reviews for Yoga 4 Teens: An Instructor’s Guide for Teaching Yoga To Teenagers

  1. “This book has become my yoga training Bible!”

  2. “The Yoga 4 Teens book is phenomenal– so loaded with useful info and would be a way to gain the knowledge if attending a training is not possible.”

  3. “The book is an awesome reference that I use even in my adult classes.”

  4. “The Yoga 4 Teens book provides everything you need to know to feel confident in teaching yoga to teens. It’s an excellent resource.”

  5. “I would highly recommend this book to others. It is very practical, thoughtful and comprehensive.”

  6. “I like the Yoga 4 Teens book because it is informative, easy to read, and contains plenty of photos.”

  7. “The book is a fantastic reference and tool that you will use over and over.”

  8. “The book is so informative. It includes quotes as well as rationale of what will and will not work.”

  9. “It is beautiful, easy to read, and useful for teachers, parents, and teens alike.”

  10. “I LOVE the book and have recommended it to several colleagues.”

  11. I have bought many (MANY!) yoga books in my time.ᅠ Some are read and placed on a shelf forever more; others are dipped into every now and again; and one or two are forever on my coffee table, ready to be thumbed, read and digested whenever I’m getting ready for a yoga class.ᅠ

    Yoga 4 Teens is one of these books.ᅠ After reading the information on Christy Brock’s website, I knew it would be good, but nothing could have prepared me for just how wonderful it really is.

    The book is described as spiral bound, which brings to mind a flimsy, paper-backed manual which will soon start to curl at the edges.ᅠ However, that is NOT the case with this book; it is spiral-bound with a difference.ᅠ If you have David Swenson’s Ashtanga book, you’ll know what I mean when I say it is spiral-bound, but then covered with a hardwearing board cover.ᅠ This ensures that the book can be carried around without getting damaged, which is good news for a teacher’s manual.

    The book is divided into three parts: “What to know”; “Poses and teaching them”; and “Sample classes”.ᅠ It is followed by an Appendix which includes charts, lists of postures, resources, quotes and more.

    The three parts of this book are everything you could ever wish to know about teaching yoga to teenagers. (And incidentally while it is aimed at the teenage market, it is also a wonderful resource if you teach younger children too).ᅠ Chapters in Part one include: Establishing a teaching position; Classroom space and props; Principles of teaching teens; Yoga philosophy in the teen classroom; Practicalities; and Class planning.ᅠ

    This part of the book is a fantastic resource for preparing yourself to teach teens, while part two is everything you need to teach the postures themselves, from standing postures to relaxation and everything in between.ᅠ This part of the book takes up over 100 pages and is illustrated throughout with hundreds of photographs demonstrating all of the postures.ᅠ There are even extra sections on menstruation, breath awareness and special cases.

    Part three includes five sample classes and three objective-specific classes, all of which are illustrated and described with both the English name and the Sanskrit.

    After spending an afternoon in the company of Yoga4Teens, I can truly say that I have never come across a teacher training manual like this one.ᅠ It is concise, informative and hugely descriptive.ᅠ As a yoga teacher I have spent many years teaching either young children or older adults, but I have always shied away from the teenage market, fearing I might not be cool enough for them!However, now that I have this book by my side, I really do feel as though I am now equipped with the answers to every question I could possibly have, and I’m now looking forward to teaching teenagers in the future.

    As for the authors – Christy Brock and Jennifer Lightsey, their enthusiasm and love for teenagers comes shining through.Many, many hours must have gone into writing this guide and this really shows in the text.I think it is their passion for teaching (and for teaching teenagers in particular) that really makes this book so worthwhile.

    And talking of passion for teaching, Christy has also compiled an e-book for those interested in teaching teenagers, entitled Teaching Teenagers Yoga .It is a combination of practical advice and inspirational guidance from many yoga teachers, all recalling their experiences of teaching teenagers and what has worked (and hasn’t worked) for them.ᅠ At 19.95 US dollars, it is a great addition to your bookshelves, particularly because it is an e-book so you don’t have to wait days or weeks for it to be delivered.

    I’d recommend Christy’s books to anyone not only interested in teaching teenagers, but also anyone who actually has a teenager at home.ᅠ The information contained in both books is tremendous and I for one am very proud to have both manuals in my collection.

  12. Irene S. ,Ireland:

    I just wanted to get in touch and say Thank you! I've just started back to teaching yoga after having my son 17 months ago, and just two weeks ago started a class with teens, about 16 years old. I was looking for some information and came across your website and then your book. Wow, it arrived a few days ago and I'm blown away. Its as perfect as a yoga book should be, packed full of useful information and presented so clearly. I brought it to the studio this morning and not only is it deepening my own practice, but it will be so beneficial for those I teach.

    As I work for myself I know the immense hard work that goes into something like this. Thank you so much for sticking with it and presenting to the world something so wonderful. I am deeply grateful.