Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training Package: An Online Course, Instructor's Guide, and More for Teen Yoga Certification

Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training Package: An Online Course, Instructor's Guide, and More for Teen Yoga Certification

Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training Package: An Online Course, Instructor's Guide, and More for Teen Yoga Certification

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Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training Package: A Video Course, Instructor's Guide, and More for Teen Yoga Certification

Who Should Take This Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training Course?

  • Yoga teachers interested in organizing classes for teenagers.
  • Teen yoga teachers who want to improve their classes.
  • Teachers who want to offer yoga in their school or program.
  • Yoga practitioners who want to create a yoga class for teenagers.
  • Parents who love yoga and want to start a teen yoga class.
  • Coaches & PE teachers looking to improve team flexibility, teamwork, focus, relaxation and more.
  • Dance & theater teachers looking to improve student flexibility, teamwork, focus, relaxation and more.
  • Supervisors & social workers to teens at-risk for programs providing teen relief and empowerment.
  • Anyone who is interested in teaching yoga to teenagers!

About the Course:

This course prepares adults for how to teach teenagers yoga. Broken up into 9 sessions, Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training Video Course is a 15 hour commitment using session outlines & proprietary material, streaming video discussions, and follow-up quizzes to get you certified and ready for teaching yoga to teenagers.

It is geared for adults who enjoy their yoga practice and want to reach teenager in a profound way, through yoga that is meaningful and fun for teenagers.

Yoga 4 Teens Teacher Training, A Video Course for Teen Yoga Certification Includes:

  • YogaMinded Teen Yoga Teacher Training Certificate.
  • 15 hours of CCE credits with Yoga Alliance.
  • Access to streaming learning videos for the nine-session course. (Videos vary from 20-65 minutes)
  • UNLIMITED access to the content for the nine-session course, 3-10 topics per session with NO EXPIRATION DATE.
  • 60 minute sample class of Christy teaching yoga to teenagers (streaming video) plus post-class discussion.
  • 16 separate downloadable handouts with detailed preparation for the teen yoga classroom.
  • Nine quizzes, one for each module of learning.
  • Personal feedback and grading of the quizzes by the course instructor, Christy Brock Miele

Accompanying Resources:

Purchase of the course also includes the following products, streaming videos, logos, and ebooks, an additional value of $400:

Yoga 4 Teens: An Instructor's Guide for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers, the leading resource worldwide for teaching teenagers yoga. Co-authored by Christy Brock Miele and Jennifer Lightsey, this book is a three part, 230-page spiral-bound book and a complete "how to teach" guide. Classroom management is discussed in details, categories of yoga poses are analyzed for their relevance and application to a teen audience, and sample classes are provided. The first four limbs of yoga (yama, niyama, asana, pranayama) are explored in detail for how they may be related to teenagers. Customers are 100% satisfied with this book. Some reviews include:

"The book is a fantastic reference and tool that you will use over and over."
"The Yoga 4 Teens: An Instructor's Guide for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers is a wonderful way to learn the unique techniques of teaching teens."
"This book has become my yoga training Bible!"

(Please note that customers who purchase this course outside the United States are asked to pay shipping charges. The book is not required however to take the course. )

Teaching Teenagers Yoga eBooks (Volumes 1,2, 3). The Teaching Teens Yoga ebooks offer general advice, reflections and teaching tips as they apply to the teen yoga classroom. Innovative teen yoga teachers are featured in interviews and articles which provide descriptions of their philosophies and classrooms. Collectively, the eBook series contains over 200 pages with more than 50 articles. Be inspired by the short articles and vignettes as well as highlights of over 20 teen yoga teachers.

Yoga4Teens DVD. Instructional, informative, and inspirational, this DVD is perfect for teenagers, parents of teenagers, and anyone interested in conducting a teen yoga class. Benefits of the poses, reminders while practicing, and Sanskrit names of the poses are included. Yoga Journal calls Yoga 4 Teens a "dandy practice companion" and an "informative how-to-teach-teens manual for yoga teachers who work with (or hope to work with) this age group." This streaming video contains a one-hour instructional class, a 40-minute practice flow, and a special interview section with teenagers.

Classroom Videos.These three streaming videos provide a rare glimpse into authentic yoga classrooms with talented and experienced teen yoga teachers. They are edited with voiceovers to alert teen teachers of poignant observations in teaching style and substance. Each video is about 20 minutes in length.

Webinar Presentation. A recorded presentation with powerpoint slides via streaming video, this one hour teen yoga training covers principles and practicalities of handling teen yoga classrooms that can be applied to any teen teaching situation.

"Awesome! You covered so much in this presentation and gave some great examples."
"Thank you, Christy. Your webinar was helpful for me to achieve my goal of getting started for a new class series I'm going to offer teens next month. I learned many applicable points specific to teaching teens and I feel more prepared and even excited. I'd recommend this webinar for anyone interested in teaching yoga to a teen population."

Details of the Course

For each of the nine sessions of learning, a student reviews 2-4 pages of online content, watches the streaming video (which vary in length from 20-65 minutes), then takes a quiz before moving on to the next session. The course instructor (Christy) receives your quiz and returns it with feedback to your answers. Upon completing all nine sessions, students view the concluding video and can proudly display their YogaMinded Yoga for Teens Training certificate, as well as your hours toward yoga alliance credentials.
The online course parallels the training of five women who were filmed taking the course. Their questions and comments are worthwhile and the conversations with each lesson are rich and interesting.
Different than traditional training, the online course allows for the advantage of being able to take the lessons on your own time. Once purchased, you can view the course and study the material as many times as you like.

Subjects & Course Topics Covered

The modules of learning were designed to help teen yoga teachers get a strong foundation for effective teen yoga teaching.

  1. How Teens Need, Respond to, and Benefit from Yoga

We set up the big picture in this introductory session, discussing the stresses that abound for teens, the benefits that yoga provides, and how teenagers are apt to respond. We will take a detailed look of unique behavioral characteristics of a yoga classroom of teenagers, as compared to adults and children. Additionally, the importance of recent adolescent brain research is highlighted as it relates to the teen yoga classroom.

  1. Preparing for Teaching

In the second session, Preparing for Teaching, we review essential principles for being a successful teen yoga teacher. We discuss the teaching mindset that will get teens to positively respond, both in terms of classroom behavior as well as setting them up to embrace the yoga practice as their own. This session seeks to empower teachers by orienting them towards a teen teaching mindset.

  1. Reminders Before Teaching

The purpose of this teaching session, Reminders before Teaching, is to provide essential coaching tips to create a meaningful teen yoga class. Basically, this session covers the last minute pep talk as well as a detailed guideline summary before teaching teens yoga. In this session, we seek to establish immediate and lasting connection with students and to consider creating a safe classroom for teaching yoga poses.

  1. Class Begins

This session, Class Begins, provides a teen yoga teacher with tools and ideas of how to approach the first half of a yoga class. Certain yoga poses and lots of teaching techniques are discussed to get class started in a way that engages teen interest, while also setting a peaceful and respectful tone. Several fun teaching games are shown that keep teen's attention and expand their interest and curiosity. Expect your teen teaching toolbox to get filled in this learning module.

  1. Class is Under Way

In the Class is Under Way session, the methodology of engaging teen interest in the yoga poses is further explored. In addition, six different teacher assists are shown which teen teachers can employ to improve their student’s posture and sensitize them to the healthy actions the yoga poses require. Also covered in this session is restorative yoga; we show and discuss the most important restorative poses for teenagers.

  1. Partner and Group Poses

The session on Partner and Group Poses shows eight partner poses and six group poses that have proven to delight teenagers. Partner and group poses are especially important for the teen demographic, given their social nature.

  1. Breath Awareness and Breathing Techniques

In the Breath Awareness session, we discuss effective ways to introduce breath awareness to teenagers. The top four breathing techniques to introduce to teens are reviewed, along with a talk about including meditation in the teen classroom.

  1. Incorporate Yoga Philosophy

Essential to teaching yoga to teenagers is yoga philosophy and how to lead teens toward gratitude, self-reflection, self-acceptance, and compassion, among other important spiritual priniciples. In the Yoga Philosophy session, we discuss subtle and overt ways to do just that. Many insights are to be gained in this conversation for how a teen teacher might bring yoga philosophy to life in her/his classroom.

  1. Teen Yoga Class and Post-Class Discussion

In the session Teen Yoga Class and Post-Class Discussion, Christy teaches an hour-long yoga class to four teenage girls. Students will see the principles and practicalities of teaching teenagers yoga in action and will gain insight and appreciation for how they actually work in the teen yoga classroom. A rich and thorough review of the teen class is given in the post-class discussion. Course takers will be asked to consider what insights are to be gained from the viewing.

Time Commitment

12-15 hours is an approximate estimate for time to complete the training. The time allotted accounts for preparation, watching each session video, and quiz taking for each of the modules. Preparation for each session includes reading the course content, downloading any tables and charts that require downloading. The streaming video for each session varies from 20-65 minutes and totals six hours ten minutes. The quiz at the end of each session involves approximately 30 minutes. (Some course takers have reported that it took them greater than 15 hours.)

The additional content provided in this training package (including the Yoga 4 Teens Instructor's Guide, the Yoga 4 Teens DVD, the Teaching Teenagers Yoga ebooks, the classroom videos and the webinar presentation) provide 5-10 hours of additional study. These YogaMinded resources will be made available FOREVER to you, as long as the website is operating.

About The Quizzes

Each session is followed by a quiz to check learning and to engage in the preparatory process of teaching teenagers yoga. Quiz questions vary in format including true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and short explanations. Upon completion of each quiz, answers are submitted to the course instructor who grades it and provides feedback. It is also possible to move through the course without taking the quizzes. Having said that, the quizzes add an engaging dimension to the training. They ask for your commitment to the course material, stimulate your brain to integrate the information, and engage course-takers to embrace their personal commitment to teen yoga. As a result of taking the quizzes, course-takers will have more clarity in their vision as well as more comfort in their teen teaching voice. Course takers have reported how useful it is to receive personalized feedback.

Get the Whole Training

Kathy S. -
British Columbia

I have enjoyed the course very much; the layout works so well. I read all your notes and make my own notes from those and then in another sitting usually watch the video. I like to review my notes again soon after the video and then take the test right away. I love the book and all the videos available to me for future use as well.

I have learned so many good tips from your course that are working so well in my skating yoga classes. I hope I will be able to find a way to get kids to come out to public classes at our local rec centre, have just had no luck so far.

The YogaMinded course was excellent and highly interactive for an online course which aided in my learning so much. I think you really covered it all and it has been most beneficial in learning what is important to connect yoga to teenagers..which can be a hard group to access.

Heather L. -
Tulsa, OK

It is a wonderful course! I learned a tremendous amount about how to reach and teach teens. The sequences were excellent, challenging and fun! I loved how yoga philosophy was included in an age appropriate way! The instructor's guide is comprehensive and well written. I highly recommend it.

Kristine C. -
New Mexico

I am thoroughly enjoying the Yoga 4 Teens training! I am excited to begin incorporating what I've learned into my class.

Smita S. -
Frankfurt, Germany

I am very grateful for you and Jennifer Lightsey for making this course.Each and every word in this training is important and valuable. All the material in this course is wonderful. I just loved all the live yoga classes in this training and your way of talking, including wonderful, funful yoga activities that made teen classes unique. I really enjoyed the questions and answers with those four wise teachers.

For me this teacher training is a beautiful treasure chest!! After completing this course I am totally ready for an amazing journey as a Teen Yoga Teacher:) Looking forward to learning more from you.

My heartfelt thanks to you, Christy!!

Emily B. -
Huntington Beach

I am a 22 - year high school biology teacher who just left teaching AP Biology to “pioneer” the first - ever Yoga course at my high school. Over the years as a classroom teacher, I have witnessed my students’ mental health decline (for multiple reasons: fierce competition for University acceptance, social media issues, simply being a teenager...). I became convinced that our school system was really good at doling out the stressors, but falling short at providing students with the tools they need to manage them. I, personally, discovered Yoga as a life changing practice that helped me manage my stress. I needed to bring it to my students. I became a Yoga Alliance certified instructor, convinced my administration to allow me to teach, and when they agreed, I was ecstatic and simultaneously terrified.

I began my summer in search of a resource so that I could begin planning. Because Yoga is so special, it’s important to deliver it well. I needed something really good... In a thorough google search, I discovered the Yoga Minded, How to Teach Teenagers Yoga Course. It was the only training I could find that was specifically tailored to teens. Although I typically prefer live training, I took the plunge and purchased the course and I loved it! I am so grateful I did and that it exists!! The video classes and discussions were informative and engaging, and the reading / lessons provided are excellent guidelines for teen - specific instruction. After completing the course, I am feeling so much more confident about starting my class next month…

I also have The Yoga 4 Teens Instructors guide: an absolutely fantastic resource. It provides clear steps for how to begin with students brand new to yoga up through sample class sequences for more practiced teen yogis (including modifications and challenge poses). It is obvious that decades of experience, working specifically with teens, went into its creation. That said, I trust it as much to use it as my floaties to “wade” into my new role as teen yoga teacher.

Christy provided sincere and conscientious feedback to my quiz answers in a way that made the online course an authentic learning experience. Her positive energy can be felt through the instruction she provides in video and through email discussion. Through this course, in addition to feeling much more confident and having new tools in my toolkit, I have gained an online mentor I am grateful for as I begin this new journey.

Namaste, Yoga Minded Christy and Jennifer!

Jessica P. -
Wilbraham, MA

I truly loved taking this teen teacher training course! It was very well planned and thought out. I will take everything I have learned and try to use it to the best of my ability.

Paula A. -
Brooklyn, NY

From 1-5 stars, how would you rate the course?
I give "Yoga for teens course" a 5-star rating. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in teaching teens to connect with Christy.

Why were you interested in the course?
As a high school teacher teaching yoga, I wanted to have fresh ideas how to teach teens. My yoga training was for adults, I have adapted a lot of my training experience to teens in my school, but Christy's course Yoga for Teens offers a more direct and in - depth experience.

How you would describe the course experience?
A well-rounded experience with very refreshing ideas. In the course, Christy addresses both athletes and non-athletes and how to teach both groups at the same time. Christy has also a very deep sense of understanding of the teenage brain and her teachings are geared towards addressing their social/emotional development as well as their mind/body connection. The teenage years are very hard for various reasons. Christy's teaching is very specialized in this challenging arena and she does it very well.

I was very excited to find her on line and eventually take her course. She has great ideas on how to approach and teach different skills. Our teens are our future and servicing them by offering great tools specific to them to help them cope with life and grow is one of the greatest service. Chisty teaches from the heart.

What did you gain from taking the course?
By taking this course I have gained new ideas and new approaches to teaching teen's yoga. It was important for me to connect with another yoga teacher who works specifically with teens and with such extensive experience. I am very grateful. Thank you Christy!

I found YogaMinded on line by accident (or maybe not!). It took me a while to commit to register for the course. I have a very busy life and was worried I wouldn't be able to put in the time. It took me a year to complete but grateful at the same time so I didn't have to stress as much.

Jennifer F. -
Chesapeake, VA

As a 10- year long homeschooling mom of three girls, ages ranging from 20 to 10 years old, and an active 3- year long yoga instructor, I was searching for a way to teach yoga to the teen demographic with confidence in my ability to reach them at their level of understanding in this stage of their lives. I found a Yoga Journal article titled: Tips for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers and at the bottom was the Yoga Minded hyperlink. I followed the link, and after exploring the course objectives, knew I would be making this certification part of my foundation before officially offering yoga to teens.

After I started the program, I realized this course offered even more than I expected! Christine was very thorough and constructive in her feedback. I never had to wait for responses or grades. She was totally attentive to my needs throughout the entire time I took the course.With the skills and confidence I gained from the Yoga 4 Teens course, I am now offering a Yoga for Teens class at our local homeschool co-op starting this Spring. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to add Teen Yoga to their yoga teaching modality.