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Be Better In Your Body with Christy

Are you wanting to be better in your body...

You know movement is good for you and you probably already incorporate some form of exercise and/or yoga in your life.  Do you realize your potential?  Do you challenge your balance, explore range of motion and strengthen the places where you’re weak?

I can help you reach new levels of ability, no matter what your age.  You can feel better and move better.  

My method of working with the body integrates mindful movement with breath awareness, strength with balance, and flexibility with stability.  I work with challenges for cognitive engagement and I invite a spirit of play.  I incorporate props like blocks, blankets, bands, straps and sticks to stimulate more engagement and develop better proprioception.  Moving with me is grounding, engaging, and fun!

I have taught yoga since 1996 in the three places I have called home since then (Virginia, California, and Wyoming).  A balanced life for me includes both athletic endeavors and yoga.  Surfing, hiking, cycling, cross country skiing, snowboarding, swimming, running... these are all sports I continue to enjoy.

My practice continues to evolve as I discover what helps me and my students.  Being engaged with my practice as well the people in my life both matter a great deal to me.  I take joy in knowing my students and leading them on the path of appreciating and exploring what their body can do. 

I currently offer online classes via Zoom Monday and Thursday 8:00 - 9:30 PST.

You can enter your email here for how to join in my online classes.


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