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3 Easy Ways for Teen Yoga Teachers to Include A Group Dynamic

Teenagers are particularly attuned to social dynamics.  This aspect of their nature should not be overlooked by teen yoga teachers.

"Adult yoga" is experienced both inwardly and individually.  However, teenagers love to enjoy and relate to each other.  Though it need not be noisy or even include talking, there are many easy ways that teen yoga teachers can teach to the group dynamic.

Here are 3 Simple Ways to Include a Group Dynamic to Teaching Yoga to Teenagers:

  • Discussion Circles. Create a circle for discussion in the beginning or end of class.
  • Poses that Connect. Incorporate poses where the group can connect through hands or arms.  (Hands or arms are the least sensitive ways to touch.)
    • Group Mountain Pose with prayer hands, where palms are turned out and lifted to shoulder height so the connection is made with neighbor's hand.
    • Group Reclined Knee Twist (Jatahara Parivartanasana)
  • Poses that Form a Shape. Have the class do a pose for the sake of how it looks aerially.  That they are doing it together and at the same time elevates class interest.  It can be further engaged with the teacher snapping a photo from above.  For this photo, I grabbed a chair and stood on it.

In summary, include poses that foster a group dynamic when teaching teenagers yoga.  Ignite their motivation for this inwardly-focused practice by acknowledging their social nature and even indulging it to a certain degree.

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