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Prepare Teens for Seated Meditation with This Hand - Block Dance

This simple meditative flow is a great tool for immediately captivating teenage attention.  It involves the hands, arms and a block and prepares anyone for a meaningful seated mediation.  With this hand/block dance, teens can quickly create a mind/body connection.  Plus, there are many other points of education that can relate to other school subjects.

Once students are sitting in Simple Crossed Legs (Sukhasana) they can begin the "hand/block dance".  Note that it is better to have students sit on an additional block or folded blankets as the extra height allows for more ease in the hips and extension of the spine.

This flow features a hand position (the Dhyann mudra) for meditation and the arm position of Extended Arms with Bound Hands (Urdvha Baddha Hastasana) in addition to Simple Crossed Legs (Sukhasana).

  • To add an element of anatomy, additional instruction can be given to emphasize the particular rotation of the upper arm bones and the corresponding response of the shoulder blades.  Also, wrist flexion/extension can be observed.
  • To add an element of geometry, the flow can be paused or slowed at the place where the arms are at a 90 degree angle to the body.
  • To incorporate a lesson on predicting time, students can be asked to predict how long they think they can sit in stillness and quiet after doing the hand/block dance.  The teacher can provide feedback on their prediction and the actual stillness and quiet that resulted.

Hand/Block Dance Video

Watch what happens with your teen students and see if they aren't turned on to the benefits of stillness and meditation as a result.  A heightened mind/body connection is what teaching teenagers yoga is all about!

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