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Three Meditation Tips

I was recently asked to provide three meditation tips for beginners by a person who is compiling a grand list of tips to help motivate people to meditate.  Great cause, I thought.  And great reason for me to record my thinking at this moment.  Below this lovely picture of tree in bloom,  I present three tips.  Your feedback and responses will be enjoyed, if you’d like to comment on this blog.

Do some enjoyable light body movements first.

I refrain from calling it exercise or yoga, so as to invite an unstructured sense of getting the energy moving in your body, whatever you need that day.   Breathe while you get some energy flowing—like arm swings, hip rotations, light twisting side to side, or other movements that feel good to you. Moving and breathing first helps you to let go of the normal mind state and shift into feeling a sense of peace.


Keep an overall purpose in mind.

Think of it as building the skill of being still. In this fast and busy world, the opportunity to sit in stillness is a way to center on what is precious to us and to let go of what is not.   The word “meditation” conjures up some idea of what it “should” be, for most people. There are lots of approaches for meditation – the definition is broad. Whatever approach you choose, keep an overall purpose in mind: being open to the presence of God (or the Universe, if you prefer), the knowledge that all is well, and the truth of constant change.


Give yourself credit for time-in.

It’s so common for us to discount ourselves by claiming our mind won’t cooperate. Or else, we do the opposite; count ourselves as already “there” or “doing it”. Instead, approach each time as a fresh experience, a “practice” if you will. It’s staying committed to the process that matters. Build a good relationship to your meditation practice, free of “should”s and “shouldn’t”s.


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