About YogaMinded
YogaMinded began in 2003 by Christy Brock to support the teachings of Yoga and help grow them in the hearts and minds of all interested practitioners.  Over time, YogaMinded has become devoted to supporting yoga for teenagers, with an Instructor’s Manual, teacher trainings, e-books, DVD, and other online resources to support others wishing to do this work.

Mission Statement

YogaMinded is committed to making useful yoga practices and techniques accessible to people of all ages, improving access to yoga classes for teens through its Yoga4Teens initiative, and inspiring its local and online communities of teachers and practitioners.


To be YogaMinded is to:

Yoga Poses

You Look Inward

Offer Compassion

Gain Understanding

Admit Ignorance

Mend Relationships

Integrate Wisdom

Never Harm

Discipline Good Habits

Embrace Truth

Disengage from Wrong Thinking