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A Busy Mom's Secret Escape

It was a busy day, a busy week, a busy month, a busy life.  I can choose to be less harried, though that choice is often obscured by the tasks before me. I made a choice yesterday that I want to share and celebrate.  First, here’s a little more background to lead you to today’s short story.

The tasks for taking care of my two daughters (ages six and two), my husband, and our home are never-ending.   Ordinarily, I joyfully engage in what has to be done because my eyes are on the prize.  I adore my girls and husband, too!

However, as any mom knows, the duties of being a householder can be overwhelming.  As the saying goes (and I’ve amended it), all work and no play make mom a dull mom.   Yikes! I don’t want to be overwhelmed and dull!

So I found a beach, 20 minutes away, with not a soul around (not a “given” in southern California).  I let myself be free and joyful.  No one was watching so that made it easier.

I skipped.  I balanced on one leg. I twirled.  I did side bends. I walked down the beach doing lunges, adding a prayer-hands side twist, and stepping forward into a one-legged standing forward bend. I did Warrior 1 looking up at the sun with the ocean breeze cooling me down.  I did Sun Salutations adopted for the sand (i.e. no poses on the belly and no traction for Downward Dog).  I did cartwheels.  I did handstands dropping into backbends kicking into back walk-overs.

I made up poses that felt cool and fun and I moved in ways that made me feel joyful and alive.  Every movement I made released my mental constructs and unleashed more happiness.  The energy of the ocean infused me (as it always does) with remembrance of my aliveness, of that part of me that is the joyful, little girl.


I sat and breathed it all in, thanking myself for making this choice.  This was significant — my soul told me.

I returned home bursting with joy from my secret experience.  To make time and to allow myself the liberty to be carefree— it was so easy to do. Yet I recall that it also seems like the hardest thing to do.  So I write this blog post to inspire others as well as myself.  May I remember how to do this again and again.  This is yoga.


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