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Why Own the Yoga 4 Teens Instructor’s Guide?

Having just wrapped up another teen yoga training for teachers, I’m reminded yet again of how valuable our book, “Yoga 4 Teens, An Instructor’s Guide for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers“, is as a classroom resource and preparatory tool for teaching yoga to teenagers. This complete resource and “how to teach” book addresses everything you would want to know to prepare for a yoga class of teaching teens.

 Teen yoga training participants have said this about the book:

“Yoga 4 Teens, An Instructor’s Manual for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers is an awesome reference that I use even in my adult classes.”

“The book is so informative.  It includes quotes as well as rationale of what will and will not work.”

“I will recommend this book to others. It is jam-packed with info. I refer to it often.”

Even with 15 hours together, our in-person training did not have enough time to cover all the valuable material that is covered in the book. Each and every participant of the trainings have expressed their appreciation of owning the book for further reading, study, and integration. The same is true with the online training (also 15 hours) where the material does not fully encompass what is covered in the book.  (Likewise, there are topics covered in live trainings that are not covered in the book and teaching tools that are better conveyed person to person.)  Additionally, there are some resources in the book that can be referenced in the classroom, thanks to its spiral-bound, lay-flat design.

While customers have been entirely pleased with the online training, the book provides a plethora of additional information with the bonus of appearing on the printed page.

It is an investment that will pay dividends with the ability to do further study and most importantly, to reference in the future.

 The bottom line is that the book provides a more complete experience that increases the value of the training.


“The Yoga 4 Teens book provides everything you need to know to feel confident in teaching yoga to teens. It’s an excellent resource.”

In-Depth Book Description:

Screenshot 2014-04-07 14.02.35At over 230 pages with many photos illustrating teen yoga in action,
 Yoga for Teens: An Instructor’s Guide for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers
 is organized in three parts:  Part 1, What to Know, Part 2, Poses and Teaching Them, and Part 3, Sample Classes.  A thorough table of contents and appendices are also included.

Part 1, What to Know, is meant to prepare the teacher for what to expect and how to manage the teenage classroom.  Preceding the experience of teaching yoga to teenagers is the work of clarifying one’s purpose and setting up a teaching space.  This book is a resource for what props to use, locating a teaching position, and identifying individual motivation for doing this work.  Part 1 guides the reader through the process of determining intentions and goals as well as dealing with the essentials of classroom management and behavior.  Yoga philosophy in the teen classroom is expounded upon as well as important information about class planning, setup and feedback.

Part 2, Poses and Teaching Them, is a collection of organized information for teaching the yoga postures (asana).  The information is distilled with specific attention given to appropriateness in the teenage environment.  Many suggestions are given, often with sample language included, to stimulate the imagination of the yoga teacher working with teens.  The chapter on relaxation provides background on the importance of relaxation to teenagers as well as details how to set up and guide teen students through proven restorative poses that work for this age group.

When teachers teach from a place of personal knowledge, understanding, and creativity, a fruitful classroom environment can result.  This book gives basic actions that from the foundation of the poses along with ideas for teaching and expounding upon them.  In each of the eight categories of poses, specific guidelines for conducting a classroom full of teens are spelled out.  Readers are guaranteed to be reminded of important teaching tips that are relevant to each type of pose.

Part 3, Sample Classes, contains eight sequences for 45-minute sessions and extra poses for 60-minute class sessions.  All the classes give a well-rounded yoga experience and are meant to provide peace of mind in the form of a class plan for the new teacher.  Three of the eight classes are targeted with specific objectives.  These class plans are intended to educate and also to provide a framework of understanding for sequencing poses.

“It is beautiful, easy to read, and useful for teachers, parents, and teens alike.”

In summary, Yoga 4 Teens: An Instructor’s Guide for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers, co-authored by Jennifer Lightsey and Christy Brock Miele, is a thoughtfully written, valuable resource that is a must-have for any yoga teacher’s or teen advocate’s book shelf.  If you want to be fully prepared and armed with the experience and passion of teaching teenagers yoga that the co-authors represent, you need to own this book!  Get your copy today for 10% off by using the PROMO CODE “book discount”.

It is now offered in E-version, popular with overseas customers.

Bundled with the Yoga 4 Teens Instructor Training Package for Teen Yoga Certification, this package is the perfect starter kit for your teen yoga training needs! The book can also be purchased separately.


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