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Reflections from Yoga 4 Teens Featured Model, Avalon Cobb

Have you ever thought how your life might have been different had you discovered yoga earlier?  Avalon Cobb was one of those lucky teens who took up yoga as a teenager and even started a yoga club at her school.  She also appears on YogaMinded.com and throughout the our Yoga 4 Teens Instructor’s Guide Book .

While I have such fond memories of the eight teenagers who appear in our Yoga 4 Teens Instructor’s Guide Book, teenage lives swiftly change and I’m not in currently in touch with them.  Though my memories are so clear that it seems like yesterday, it actually has been twelve years since the photo shoot!

Imagine my delight as Avalon shows up to attend my mid-summer yoga workshop.  I insisted she stay and play afterwards, as we literally road push scooters around and caught up over a beer.

Here are a few of the original photos and below you can see her updated super cool yoga pic.


4. Downward Facing DogBenefits: Provides internal time (head and face are down) with no comparison to others. Relieves the spine. Develops flexibility and strength in legs and shoulders. Inverted position of the upper body is good for regulating glandular functioning (hormones). Note on doing the pose: Aim to get the apex of the pose (below the navel) high. Hands should be completely spread and feet should be placed body-length away from the hands.

Below, dear Avalon Cobb provides her perspective on how yoga has benefited her life, after being introduced to it at young age.

How has that early introduction to the practice benefited you?

Discovering yoga at a young age has had such a positive effect on my life. As a teenager you are constantly being influenced, growing and developing, and trying to build a philosophy on life. Yoga and meditation keeps your body and mind flexible and open. Being so young, it has really set a great base for yoga practice and how to manage life’s stresses as you become an adult.

It’s amazing how much you remembered from our photo shoots for the teen yoga book.  Can you share a memory with our readers?

What a fun experience. It was so cool to be a part of your book. Its like a memoir of my early yoga practice (haha). Actually by posing for the photos and having you adjust me for the right shot taught me how the postures should actually feel, finding the stretch from the proper alignment has helped me get the most out of my practice. I remember this one kid (I wont mention names) had gas during the whole photo session, i thought that was pretty funny. I also remember holding poses up against a makeshift wall that was actually just a big piece of unsteady plywood being held up by a fellow teen yogi, sketchy.

What do you remember about teen yoga classes?

I started a yoga club in high school that had a great turn out. I was stoked that so many people were interested in doing yoga. Thats pretty much what lead me to meet you. The classes were filled with stiff football players, to flexible gymnasts, each kid being so unique it was wonderfully humbling. I think a very healthy thing for a young highschooler to experience.

How has that early introduction to the practice benefited you?

Starting the practice young has made yoga a fundamental part of my life. I think it has helped preserve my body and kept me flexible in adapting to the strenuous lifestyle of adulthood.

AvalonHow is yoga part of your life now?  Do you have a personal practice or go to classes?

I still practice regularly, whether it be heated, restorative, candlelit, it’s all good. I have an app on my phone with about 5 different yoga studios and classes happening in the area. Each studio and teacher has something unique to offer. I like to switch up my practice, sometimes I get hooked on the vinyasa heated classes, just to sweat it all out and get my butt kicked. Or if Im having a super crazy work week a nice restorative class feels incredible. I used to think to push it all the time was best but Ive learned that sometimes its okay to take it easy. Even just getting  a little older I’ve learned to acknowledge my body and in order to feel my best I’ve got to listen to what it needs.

What is your favorite pose now?  Can you remember what your favorite pose as a teenager was?

Favorite pose, that’s a tough one. I like so many! Deep stretches are probably my favorite. I love pigeon! When I was a teenager I think it was pigeon as well. Final answer: pigeon.

What’s going on in your life now?

I work as a hairstylist in Seal Beach. I enjoy using my hands a lot, whether it be painting, cooking, gardening or for work so yoga through the years has definitely kept my wrists, hands and body strong and flexible so I can do what I love. I am really into having a healthy lifestyle and eating clean, but do enjoy a few beers on the weekends:) all about the balance.


And I enjoyed having that beer with you, Avalon!  Thanks for sharing with us. I’m happy to hear how yoga continues to enhance your life.


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