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Innovative Yoga Clothes– I’ve Never Seen This Before

Delfin Spa makes three lines of clothing with ground-breaking fabrics.  This is my FIRST EVER blogpost on yoga clothes because it is the first time I’ve ever been inspired by something new made by a small company that I think could help other people.

The line of clothing that I personally own and love is the Bio Energy collection.  I have both thecapri tights and the mineral infused exercise shorts.   41Vho+znIoL._AC_UL400_SR308,400_Most important to me me is that they are super comfortable!  And, they are super comfortable in a way that is softer and different that your regular yoga tights.  There are two layers of soft fabric that have mineral infused squiggly lines that release their value as you heat up.  This is the innovation— that there are helpful minerals that may reduce muscle fatigue or improve micro-circulation.  Up to 40 washes and the mineral release still works!  The pocket for your cell phone is so convenient, too.  It fits my iPhone 6 which I’m constantly using for music and photography while teaching.31tTQaUTLWL._AC_UL200_SR160,200_

The other two product lines sound equally interesting. One makes you sweat a lot (which the owner says inspires some people to exercise more) and the other provides body slimming from its “embedded micro-encapsulation technology”.

The cool thing about my sharing this information with you is how I came about this serendipitous discovery. I serve on the board of a non-profit along with the owner of Delfin Spa who said I should try his yoga clothes.  (If you’re curious, the non-profit is called Ecology Project International , totally worthy of your time to find out what they do for teens that I’ll cover in a separate blogpost)

The owner is so cool that he has extended a 20% discount to YogaMinded peeps.  That’s you!  It already is VERY reasonably priced.  With the discount it makes it pretty darn affordable.  The discount code is “yoga4teens”.

Here’s more information about the three lines of yoga/workout clothes that Delfin Spa offers or you can just go to their website. You may also want to tune in to their facebook page where you can learn more. Please reply to this blogpost with your feedback for Delfin Spa so they can hear from you.

Bio Ceramic which is its heat maximizing collection

This line is Delfin’s first and most popular collection. It contains a variety of apparel and other products to target various parts of the body, ranging from shorts and capris, to tankinis, to arm and tummy bands. Hundreds of reviews and thousands of happy customers support the many benefits this line provides.
  • Soft inner polyester and outer nylon lining
  • Thin layer of neoprene and bio-ceramic material designed to reflect body heat
  • Designed to increase perspiration during exercise, improve circulation, flush toxins
  • Wear during exercise or everyday activities
  • Combine apparel with cream to help reduce the appearance of cellulite

Bio Energy which is its mineral infused collection

This line focuses on shorts and capri designs for active women. The fabric is form fitting spandex which contains embedded minerals. These minerals are activated by body heat and provide a range of benefits during physical exertion.
  • Stretchy, comfortable nylon/spandex material
  • Provides moderate compression
  • Inner layer printed with ink that contains minerals
  • Ink disappears when in contact with body heat, indicating minerals are activated
  • Benefits may include: reduced muscle fatigue, improved micro-circulation

Bio Contour which is its body slimming collection

This collection features high-tech fabric that provides silhouette contouring like traditional shape-wear, but also contains embedded micro-encapsulation technology. Contained in the thousands of min-capsules are cellulite fighting ingredients, which are slow-released when in contact with body heat.
  • Comprised of RevolutionalR Slim fabric, made by Italian technical fabric leader Carvico
  • Extremely soft, lightweight, yet strong fabric fits like a second skin
  • Designed to resist pilling and curling
  • Micro-encapsules contain caffeine, retinol, fatty acids and vitamins
  • Consistent use can help to reduce visible cellulite


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