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Why Should You Teach Yoga to Teenagers?

Have you considered life from a teenager’s perspective? While adults may easily dismiss adolescent problems, the life of a teen from a teen’s perspective likely includes a great deal of stress.   Let’s consider a few generalities about teenagers and how yoga might address their needs.


  • Many teenagers struggle with difficult and painful situations.  They can use some tools and techniques that alleviate the pressure they are under or soothe the pain they are experiencing. If they are rarely experiencing a peaceful environment, they will rarely experience their own sense of peace.  A teen yoga class provides an opportunity to feel how peaceful they really are inside.
  • Teenagers, by nature, are extremely social which subjects them to the ups and downs of peer approval and rejection.  This is a beautiful and fun attribute.  The flip side of it is that their  own intuition may be drowned out. Yoga directs teens to value and trust themselves.
  • Teenagers are susceptible to poor postural habits that communicate negative body language Postural improvements are taught and experienced in yoga class, empowering teens with more awareness, less injuries due to poor alignment, and perhaps better body language.
  • The emotional states of adolescents are in flux.  Yoga teaches them practical techniques to balance their energy levels that can both be fun and empowering.
  • Adolescents are open to life; they are taking things in and are like sponges absorbing the good and bad around them.  There are plenty of negative influences surrounding teenagers and many teens lack positive influence.  Yoga offers teens an experience that is wholesome, heartfelt, helpful and true.  They take it in, whether they are aware that they are taking it in or not.  Practicing yoga introduces teens to many aspects of self-care and self awareness that can serve them their whole life, trumping out less helpful influences.

In the next blogpost, I’ll talk about why classes catering specifically to teenagers are so beneficial.

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