Teaching Teenagers Yoga ebook, Volume 3


The Teaching Teens Yoga ebooks, similar in content to a magazine, are a compilation of short articles and vignettes about teaching teens yoga.  If you’re looking for light content, tips, pictures, and interviews of other teen yoga teachers, there are three separate volumes available.


Product Description

Each of the Teaching Teenagers Yoga eBooks provide unique content and commentaries specific to teaching teenagers yoga. Like Volumes 1 and 2, Volume 3 has pictures and helpful content relevant to the teacher of teen yoga, presented in an organized manner with an hyperlinked table of contents which make this  75-page e-book easily maneuverable.

With unique content and commentaries specific to teaching teenagers yoga, the reader will be further inspired and informed along the teaching teen yoga path. Volume 3 has particularly helpful pictures that communicate what’s happening in teen yoga classrooms and how to transmit these experiences in other classrooms.

Volume 3 is laid out in three chapters: Big Picture, Inspiration for the Classroom, and Notes on Poses which include the following articles listed below.

Chapter 1- Big Picture:

  • How to Turn Teens On to Yoga
  • How to Make Your Class Appeal to Teens
  •  Teach Every Teen About Food
  • Advice for Teaching Boys

 Chapter 2- Inpiration for the Classroom:

  • A Yoga Philosophy for Teens
  • Teaching Yoga on the Football Field
  • Teen Girls Become a Flock of Birds
  • Snapshots from a Teen Girl Yoga Class
  • What to Do with Old Yoga Magazines
  • Every Teen Can Get a Thrill
  • Shifting “I Don’t Care” to “I Care”
  • Teaching Savasana to Suicidal Teens
  • Fun Partner Yoga Pose for Teens
  • From Distraction to Attraction
  • Make 30 minutes Effective for Teaching

Chapter 3- Notes on Poses:

  • A special Savasana
  • A pose to feel more generous

It is not necessary to read Volumes 1 and 2 before Volume 3.  The content of each of the Teaching Teenagers Yoga eBooks is unique and mutually exclusive.

Ebooks have altogether different content than the Yoga4Teens Instructor’s Guide.  If you’d like to learn more about the differences, read here (there’s a very helpful chart).


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