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At YogaMinded, we’re committed to helping yoga instructors learn the best tactics for teaching teens yoga. Whether you’re an experienced teacher, one that’s just beginning to take on students or a parent looking for guidance in starting a class for their teen, YogaMinded is here to help.

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YogaMinded provides a wealth of information for yoga teachers and parents interested in learning Yoga4Teens techniques. From our informative e-books to our instructional DVDs, YogaMinded has everything you need to learn how to teach teens yoga.

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Download Instructional Yoga Videos

In addition to our traditional Yoga4Teens training courses, we offer affordable, downloadable instructional videos in our YogaMinded store that allow you to learn many techniques in the comfort of your own home.  These downloadable training videos offer extended lessons on learning the basics of teaching teens yoga and offer an affordable way for you to begin learning important techniques you can incorporate into your classes.

You can also visit the YogaMinded store to find out more about our popular instructor book: Yoga 4 Teens: An Instructors’ Guide to Teaching Yoga To Teenagers. This instructors’ guide has received high praise from the yoga community and is the ultimate resource for yoga instructors wanting to learn Yoga4Teens techniques.

Visit the YogaMinded Store to learn more about:

  • Yoga 4 Teens: An Instructors’ Guide to Teaching Yoga To Teenagers
  • Yoga4Teens Instructional e-books
  • Teaching Teens Yoga Instructional DVDs
  • Downloadable Teen Yoga Training Videos


Connect with Teachers

We provide a wealth of resources to help you become a better yoga instructor to teens and develop relationships with other Yoga4Teens instructors.  From our traditional training courses that let you learn Yoga4Teens techniques alongside your peers to our YogaMinded discussion boards that allow you to connect with other Yoga4Teens enthusiasts, YogaMinded can help you expand your yoga knowledge, test your current teaching skills, and better understand how to teach teens yoga.


Connect with Students

YogaMinded not only helps you learn new techniques and connect with other yoga teachers, it also helps you connect with yoga students.  Our Yoga Teacher Network allows you to register your yoga courses so that students in your area can find out more about the types of classes you offer.


Learn the Basics

Would you like to know more about the Yoga4Teens program?  Visit the Yoga4Teens resource page to find out more about the benefits, principles and basic techniques of Yoga4Teens.  Our Yoga4Teens resource page offers: