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About Christy and Her love of YogaChristy’s love of Yoga began in 1994 as a natural turnabout from the world of investment banking to a life of simpler means.  From her early career at Bank of America in Charlotte, NC and JP Morgan in New York City, she gradually reoriented her life to teaching Yoga full time beginning 1997.

With 20 years of study and teaching yoga, she enjoys sharing the practice with others.  Christy’s straight-forward instruction, deep trust of her inner voice, and  contagious enthusiasm for yoga empower her students to source their own ability and peace.

Christy believes that the gifts of yoga are worth sharing, particularly to teenagers who are setting their lifelong habits.  Christy teaches yoga to people of all ages, yet keeps close to her heart the tender and meaningful teen years. Her 20 years experience working with teens includes a wide range of environments:  community shelters, private and public highschools, colleges, after-school clubs, athletic teams, and summer camps.

To further amplify her purpose, she co-authored Yoga 4 Teens, An Instructor’s Guide for Teaching Yoga to Teenagers, produced an hour long webinar on the Principles and Practicalities of Teaching Yoga to Teenagers, produced a Yoga 4 Teens DVD and has several ebooks and streaming videos featuring other adult teachers who work with teens.

Because she seeks to empower others to this rewarding work, Christy has recently developed the Yoga 4 Teens Instructor Video Course for teen yoga certification.

Christy is E-RYT 500 certified through Yoga Alliance and attended Piedmont Yoga Studio’s Advanced Studies 18 month program and has traveled to Pune to study with the Iyengars.

Other formative study includes teachers Ramanand Patel, Rodney Yee, Geeta Iyengar, Abhay Shivanji, Jinsung, and Mary Lou Weprin. She thanks Yoga Journal magazine for the teaching experience she gained there and extends gratitude to all her teachers.



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Christy is an active member of St. Margaret’s church and serves as treasurer on the board of Ecology Project International.  She enjoys connecting with nature through adventure sports like surfing, SUP, snowboarding, running, and hiking.

She is happily married with two daughters.