Teen Girls Become a Flock of Birds

Eight girls showed up for my Yoga4Teens class in Virginia Beach, VA, in June. In some cases they came with a friend but for the most part, they didn’t know each other and they didn’t know me.  It’s really incredible what can happen in 75 minutes when a class delves into the yoga experience with focus. The girls did a group asana (as opposed to partner pose) that sent me in awe.  This was an ultimate moment in teaching yoga when the observation of breath empowered students to be tuned in not only to themselves, but to their neighbors, too.

In this case, I instructed the girls to recline on their backs with their arms outstretched from their shoulders so that their hands were holding the arms of the girls next to them. This took a few minutes to accomplish, including showing the girls what I meant with how to wrap your hand gently around their neighbor’s arm and adjusting the spacing such that each girl could entirely outstretch her arms, which I referred to as their “wingspans”.  The set up is pictured below. [Read more…]